Aurum and its board recognizes the importance of corporate governance for the effective management of the company and for the protection of interests of its stakeholders. The directors of the company are committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance. Aurum has constituted the requisite committees to comply with the relevant regulatory norms.

In discharging its mandate, the board is responsible for the oversight and review of:

  • The strategic planning process of the company.
  • Succession and career planning, including appointing, training and monitoring management.
  • The health and safety of the employees and community at large.
  • Identifying the principal risks of the company’s business and ensuring the implementation of appropriate systems to mitigate these.
  • The integrity of the company’s internal controls and management information systems.
  • Ensuring local empowerment and protection of interest.

The board has also formulated a Code of Conduct and Ethics for its directors, officers and employees and monitors compliance with the Code by ensuring all directors, officers and employees receive and become thoroughly familiar with the Code and acknowledge their support and understanding of the Code.

Aurum believes that a company’s success is built on foundation of personal and professional integrity which are as important as its commitment to excellence.

The company has a policy of zero tolerance towards unprofessional, unethical and illegal activities indulged in by any of its members, officers and all persons it employs or engages with.